Trusted Firmware-M Extras

The Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) Extras repository is the extension of the TF-M main repository to host the examples, demonstrations, third-party modules, third-party secure partitions, etc.


The default license of new source code in this repository is BSD 3-clause.

Some source files are contributed by the third-parties or derived from the external projects. A license file should be included in the root folder of these source files if it has a different license.

Folder Structure

  • examples: This folder hosts the examples and demos for TF-M.

  • partitions: This folder hosts the supplementary or third-party secure partitions for TF-M.

Building examples

Folders represented in the example:

<TF-M Source Dir>                Full path to TF-M Source directory/repository
└── <toolchain-file-from-tf-m>
<build-dir>                      Common build directory
├── spe                          Secure side build directory
│   └── api_ns                   Non-Secure API callables directory
└── nspe                         Non-Secure side build directory
  1. Building the Secure side (comes from TF-M):

$ cmake -S <TF-M Source Dir> \
        -B <build-dir>/spe \
        -DTFM_PLATFORM=<tf-m-target> \
        -DTFM_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=<toolchain-file-from-tf-m> \
$ cmake --build <build-dir>/spe -- -j$(nproc) install
  1. Build the Non-Secure side (from examples found here):

$ cmake -S <example-path> \
        -B <build-dir> \
$ cmake --build <build-dir> -- -j$(nproc)

Some examples use different flags in Secure and Non-Secure side. Check the examples description for further steps on proper building.

Contribute to this repository

Refer to contributing process for the TF-M general contribution guideline.

Please contact TF-M development mailing list for any question.


If your contribution consists of pre-bulit binaries, please upload your binary components to Trusted Firmware binary repository (tf-binaries). This respository accepts source files only.

Additional requirements

  • It is expected and strongly recommended to integrate and test your example/secure partition with TF-M latest release, to enable new features and mitigate known security vulnerabilities.

  • List the example and secure partition in example readme and secure partition readme respectively.

    • Each example/secure partition shall specify the following information

      • A brief description

      • Maintainers with their contact emails

      • If the example/secure partition is not integrated or tested with the latest TF-M release, specify the TF-M version/commit ID tested with.

    • Each example/secure partition shall follow the structure below

      Folder name
      Simple description
      Maintainer list and emails
      TF-M version
      Optional. Specify the TF-M version/commit ID if it is not integrated or
      test with latest TF-M release.

Copyright (c) 2021-2024, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.